2015 EAS Paper Presentation Awards

The EAS gives out two awards per year, based on presentations at the AAA meetings. The awards are for best paper by a new investigator and best paper by a student, and they are awarded with a cash prize.

Best Paper by a New Investigator:

Given jointly to Siobhan Mattison (UNM) for a presentation entitled “Kinship and Sex-Biased Parental Investment Among the Mosuo of Southwest China,” and Adrian Jaeggi (UCSB) for a presentation entitled “Does Market Integration Buffer Risk, Erode Traditional Sharing Practices and Increase Inequality: A Test Among Bolivian Forager-Farmers.”

Best Student Paper:

Eleanor Power (Stanford) for a paper entitled “Subtle and Dramatic: Strategies of Religious Signaling in Rural South India.

This year we also gave a special undergraduate student award to Delaney Glass and Shane Scraggs (Boise State) for a paper entitled “Four Pathways to Generosity: Evolutionary Mechanisms Differentially Affect Charitable Donations.”