Evolutionary Anthropology Society


The Evolutionary Anthropology Society (EAS) is a section of the American Anthropological Association. We bring together all those interested in applying modern evolutionary theory to the analysis of human biology, behavior, and culture. This website describes our group’s activities and provides resources for EAS members. We welcome students, faculty, and anyone with similar interests to join the EAS and help us build a thriving community of researchers.

Our diverse membership includes human behavioral ecologists, primatologists, archaeologist, cultural anthropologists, psychologists, biologists, and paleoanthropologists, to name a few. At the annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), we provide venues for students, young investigators, and senior researchers to get to know each other and to present current research on a variety of topics within evolutionary anthropology.

Our emphasis is on scientific analyses including a balance of theory and data. Evolutionary anthropology is a broad and exciting field, and we encourage research and presentations on a wide range of topics. A summary of EAS-sponsored presentations at past AAA meetings can be found here, and have included foraging and food sharing in comparative and diachronic perspective, gender roles, evolutionary applied anthropology, the evolution of cooperation and inequality, and more. Given the breadth of our membership and the inclusive definition of evolutionary anthropology to which EAS subscribes, the list of topics we address is certain to expand.

Questions about this website, or interested in submitting images of your work to be featured? Contact the EAS webmaster, Bria Dunham, at bria [dot] dunham [at] gmail [dot] com

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About EAS

We solicit photographs of field or laboratory-based research in evolutionary anthropology, which will be displayed on a rotating basis. Current images courtesy of Dawn Neill, Siobhan Mattison, and Peter Mattison.